23 Best Microwave Oven Accessories

In addition to looking for a new microwave, I also spent some time looking at different microwave accessories. These accessories are designed to make microwave cooking even easier.  

While there are a number of benefits to microwave cooking, there are a few drawbacks. Those drawbacks include:

  • Food splatter
  • Unsafe microwave bowls
  • Broken or damaged turntable plates
  • Soggy food
  • Uneven cooking
  • Flavorless foods

The below accessories attempt to address some of these drawbacks. The accessories on this list aim to provide more constant cooking, crispy foods, and make bowls easier to carry.

In this blog post, I will list 23 best microwave accessories. Included in this list is a brief description of what it is, what it does, and why you need it. 

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Microwave Plate Cover

What it does: As the name implies, a microwave plate covers your food while its in the microwave. Usually, these covers are made of microwave safe plastic. Also, these plate covers are dishwasher safe and a few have collapsible covers that make for easy storage. 

Why you need it: Plate covers provide a few benefits. First, they prevent splatter in your microwave. In this blog post, I wrote about the different ways you can clean a microwave, but a plate cover makes it even easier.  Instead of spending time and elbow grease cleaning a microwave, just put a microwave plate cover in the dishwasher.

Example(s): Tovolo Vented, Easy Grip, Collapsible Microwave Cover; Nordic Wave Microwave Plate Cover; Magnetic Microwave Splatter Cover

Pasta Cooker

What it does: A microwave pasta cooker makes cooking pasta in a microwave even easier. Usually, these cookers are microwave-safe plastic containers that have a lid and an opening for the pasta. These cookers work best for spaghetti, linguine, or fettuccine. I don’t recommend putting pasta sauce in with the pasta, use a different microwave-safe container.

Why you need it: Usually, these cookers include fill lines for water, lids with openings and other features that can cut pasta cooking time in half. This accessory is a must if you have family members (especially small children) that eat past every other meal.

Example(s): The Original Fasta Pasta; MiToo SYNCHKG033411 CMiToo

Turntable Plate Replacement

What it does: The turntable plate replacement can be used to replace your current plate, or used as a backup while the other is in the dishwasher. Turntable plates are tempered glass that you set your plate, bowl, or another microwave-safe dish on. The plate is what rotates while the microwave cooks.

Why you need it: I recommend having a backup because your primary turntable will get dirty. Simply put the first one in the dishwasher and rotate the backup into the starting role.

Note that plates are not one size fits all. These plates are based on the size of your microwave and possibly the microwave manufacturer. Check the manufacturer’s website for the correct size.

Example(s): Small 9.6″ Microwave Glass Turntable Plate Replacement

Microwave Crisper 

What it does: A microwave crisper provides a crispy taste that is often lost when cooking in the microwave. As you know, sometimes microwaved food turns out a little soggy, however, a crisper brings that taste and texture to provide that pan-fried taste. Consider placing a plate cover over the crisper to prevent splatter.

Why you need it: If you plan on cooking foods that taste better crispy, you need this accessory. Microwaved bacon will taste much better after putting it in a crisper versus regular cooking. In addition to bacon, crispers can be used for french fries or pizza.

Example(s): Allstar Innovations Microwave Crisper; Bandwagon Micro Crisper Pan; Miles Kimball Oven Crisper Pan

Ramen Cooker

What it does: This accessory is similar to the pasta cooker but it is specially made for Ramen. Ramen is prepackaged noodles in a square or rectangle. This cooker has the same shape as ramen and is just deep enough for the exact amount of water. 

Why you need it: This is the perfect accessory if you cook a lot of Ramen. Simply follow the directions and in just a few minutes you have a meal for one. Once the microwave is finished, you can eat right out of this cooker. 

Example(s): Top Ramen Cooker; Rapid Ramen Cooker 

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Rice Cooker

What it does: This accessory cooks rice correctly in the microwave. This accessory is different than pasta or Ramen cookers because the rice cooker includes a led. Also, some of these cookers include a special spoon used for cooking rice. 

Why you need it: You need this cooker if you cook a lot of rice at home, school or work. These cookers feature flip-down lid locks for safe cooking, heat-resistant plastic, and include measuring cups and spoons. Make sure you follow the directions to avoid a mess of rice in your microwave.

Example(s): Sistema Microwave Collection Rice Cooker

Bacon Grill

What it does: These grills are similar to the crispers mentioned above with a few exceptions. Fist, these gills may include a rack or branch to place the bacon on. Second, these grills have a grease trap, a place for all of the bacon grease to go for easy cleanup. The third and final difference is most of these grills include a cover.

Why you need it: If you are cooking a lot of bacon in a microwave, this is a must have over the crisper. These grills make for easy cleanup, are microwave-safe, and include everything you need to cook your bacon. While they are a little more expensive, look for bacon grills that look like pitchers that you place your bacon in.

Example(s): Progressive Microwave Large Bacon Grill; Microhearth Gill Pan; Allstar Innovations BaconBoss Microwave Bacon Cooker; WowBacon Microwave cooker

Macaroni and Cheese Cooker

What it does: These cookers are square in shape like the Ramen cookers, but they are wider and deeper than the Ramen bowls. These cookers also feature even heating and a stay-cool handle. Simply put your macaroni and water in the microwave, then follow the directions of the box to complete the cooking process.

Why you need it: This accessory is a must-have if you have little kids. We use this bowl multiple times on the weekends. Also, the kids love it because they can stir and mix their own mac n’ cheese. This cooker is dishwasher=safe and can be used as a single or multiple serve cooker. 

Example(s): Rapid Mac Cooker

Popcorn Popper

What it does: Microwave popcorn poppers convert corn kernels into popped corn! This popcorn popper will replace the bagged popcorn most of us currently use. Many of these poppers include a measuring spoon to get the exact amount of popcorn and butter every-time. The nice thing about a popcorn popper is once you are done, place it in the microwave for repeated use. 

Why you need it: This accessory is for you if you like “real” popcorn and not the wasteful bagged stuff. This accessory is also for you if you want to add more or less butter, or other toppings like caramel, white cheddar, or garlic parmesan. 

Example(s): Ecolution EKPRE-4215 Micro-Pop Glass Popcorn Popper; Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

Plate and Bowl Caddy 

What it does: Plate and bowl caddy makes it easier to take food out of the microwave once it’s finished cooking. These caddy’s are microwave safe, cool to the touch and sturdy enough to carry from the microwave to the kitchen table. Usually, you place the plate or bowl inside the caddy and away you go. These caddy’s replace the need for potholders. 

Why you need it: You need this accessory if you’ve ever dropped your food on the floor, burned your hands, or had to fast walk to the kitchen table because the plate or bowl was too hot to hold. This accessory is also handy for little kids that want to “help out” and carry their own food. 

Note: the contents of the bowl and the bowl itself will still be hot. You must handle the bowl and food with care because you can get burned.

Example(s): Exultimate Coot to Touch Plate and Bowl Caddy; Home-X Micro Mate

Soup Mug

What it does: As the name suggests, a soup mug will cook your food in the microwave. These mugs are microwave-safe and include a handle that can be cool to the touch. These mugs are great for canned soup, simply open the can and pour the soup into the mug.

Why you need it: These mugs are perfect for a single cup of soup. In addition, the handle makes it easy to carry. Also, the soup mug comes with a lid to prevent splatter or steam from burning you.  Using these mugs will save you a little money instead of buying an all in one container. 

Example(s): Sistema Microwave Soup Mug

Steam Sterilizer 

What it does: Steam sterilizers are used to steam clean baby and infant bottles. Steam sterilization is the preferred way to clean bottles. These sterilizers include a cover and a water reservoir. 

Why you need it: As a father of twins it was much easier to place clean bottles in this accessory, and press start on our microwave. We also used this accessory as a place to store clean bottles. There are a variety of brands to choose from.

Example(s): Philips AVENT Microwave Sterilizer 

Ceramic Stoneware 

What it does: Ceramic stoneware is microwave safe cookware that allows you to cook regular food in a short amount of time. You can cook omelets in less than 5 minutes with this cookware. This accessory includes nonstick technology and a cool to the touch handle. 

Why you need it: This accessory allows you to cook everyday foods in half the time. This accessory is great if you have busy mornings and think you don’t have time for a great breakfast. This accessory can also be used to cook desserts like apple pie, and cake.

Example(s): Stone Wave Microwave Cooker with Cookbook; Telebrands Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

Potato Bag

What it does: The potato bag allows you to safely bake potatoes in your microwave. These potato bags will work with any type of potato and can reduce clean up time. Finally, these bags can be reused and washed in a washing machine. 

Why you need it: If you often cook with potatoes this accessory is for you. In addition to baked potatoes, you can use this accessory for any potato recipe. Also, the manufacture claims to bake a potato in 4 minutes. 

Example(s): Fecihor Reusable Microwave Potato Cooker Bag; Potato Express Microwave Potato Cooker

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Chip Maker

What it does: Microwave Chip Makers convert sliced potatoes into chips. This accessory includes everything you need including a potato slicer and a stand to place the potatoes in. Once you’ve sliced the potatoes and placed them in the stand, put the stand in the microwave. In just a few minutes you have homemade chips. 

Why you need it: This accessory is for people that want to save money buying bagged chips. Also, this chip maker may be healthier than buying a bag of chips from the store. Finally, you can add different spices to make your own chip flavors. 

Example(s): Mastrad Top Chips Maker

Egg Maker

What it does: A microwave egg maker can make eggs any way you want. This accessory is great for both hard boiled and scrambled eggs. Depending on the model you can place a whole egg with water in a microwave. Other egg makers require you to crack the egg and place the contents in the maker. 

Why you need it: This is another accessory that can help provide a good meal on the go. We actually have a hard-boiled egg maker at my office. These egg makers can create a meal quickly with little mess. The best part about these egg makers is that they are dishwasher safe. 

Example(s): Chef Buddy 82-T3496 Microwave Egg Maker; Home-X Microwave Chicken Design Egg Boiler

Microwave Cart

What it does: These accessory is a little different than the others on this list. A microwave cart is used to place your microwave on. Usually, these carts have wheels to hide the microwave when not in use. Often these microwave carts include additional storage. These carts are for countertop microwaves only. 

Why you need it: You need a microwave cart if you live in an apartment or have limited countertop space. These carts also come in handy if you have limited storage space. Finally, microwave carts are nice if you don’t want family or friends to know that you use a microwave to cook.

Example(s): Whitmor Supreme Kitchen and Microwave Cart

Microwave Plate Stacker 

What it does: Microwave plate stackers allow you to cook multiple foods at one time. With a plate stacker, you can cook for the entire family without spending more time in the kitchen. Usually, these stackers are made of microwave-safe plastic. Also, these plate stackers can be placed in a dishwasher.

Why you need it: This accessory makes use of all the additional space at the top of the microwave. Usually, you are restricted by the amount of space on the turntable. A plate stacker gives you a little more space, and time. 

Example(s): Cobble Creek Microwave Plate Stacker; J Home Multi-functional Plate Stacker

Microwave Coffee Maker

What it does: Microwave coffee Makers allow you to make cups or pots of coffee in the microwave. This accessory is simple to use, just add water and coffee grounds in the mesh filter and cover. Within minutes, you will have freshly brewed coffee. 

Also, there are many different types. Some makers just include the mesh filter, while others include the percolator and mesh filter.

Why you need it: This is a great accessory if you don’t have space for an additional appliance. This accessory can also be useful if you cannot afford to spend additional money of a coffee maker.

Example(s): Home-X Microwave Percolator Coffee Maker

Microwave Cake Maker

What it does: Microwave cake makers can be used to create mini cakes in less than 6 minutes. Simply put the ingredients into this maker, mix, then put in the microwave. In addition, this accessory is dishwasher safe and much quicker than conventional baking.

Why you need it: This product is great if you need a cake for one. Bake a cake without all of the mess and leftovers. 

Example(s): Betty Crocker BCB-3002 Microwave Cake Maker

Microwave Cookbook

What it does: A microwave cookbook has a number of recipes and ideas just for the microwave. 

Why you need it: This cookbook will help you step out of your comfort zone and try making different foods in the microwave. 


Hot Dog Maker

What it does: This accessory makes hot dogs in the microwave without the mess. One of the problems with hot dogs is the grease that is created from the hot dog. These hot dog makers filter the grease for easy cleanup. 

Why you need it: This accessory is a must if you love hot dogs, but hate the buns after they’ve been in the microwave. Using a hot dog maker, these buns are steamed to imitate the stadium taste. 

Example(s): Rapid Brands Hot Dog Cooker

Meat Thermometer 

What it does: A meat thermometer checks the temperature of the meat during and after cooking. There are a number of different types including basic temperature reads, digital, and programmable thermometers. 

Why you need it: This is a must to ensure that your food is thoroughly cooked. There isn’t much worse than undercooked food. To help prevent foodborne illnesses use a meat thermometer. 

Example(s): ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Thermometer

Additional Questions

What kind of utensils can be used in a microwave?

The best utensils for microwave ovens are glass and ceramic dishes. These are the best type of cookware for microwaves because they will not melt, or create arcs (sparks) in the microwave. Glass and ceramic cookware can be used in all 3 types of microwaves (solo, grill, convection).

In addition, you can use microwave safe plastic to cover the glass and ceramic dishes. 

Which containers are microwave safe?

Look for glass, plastic, or ceramic containers that are labeled as “microwave safe,” or “heatproof”. In addition, paper plates, wax paper, towels, and napkins are safe to use in a microwave. 

Can plastic utensils be used in a microwave? 

If the container to rated as “microwave safe” it can be used in a microwave. Normal glass containers cannot be used in a microwave. 

Can aluminum utensils be used in a microwave?

Yes and no. Yes aluminum (and metal) can be used in convection ovens only. They cannot be used in solo or grill microwaves. The reason aluminum can be used in convection microwaves is that the way the microwave heats the food.