Stand Mixer Storage – Best Places To Store Your Stand Mixer

While a lot of people don’t think about it all that often, I like to think of my stand mixer as one of the most important parts of my kitchen. After all, I can use it in countless recipes, and it cost me a fair bit, too. As with any kitchen appliance that I use regularly, I usually want to keep my stand mixer where I can easily reach it, but the best place to store the mixer might not work out well in other kitchens.

This is why I find it important to have a number of ideas on where I can store my stand mixer without it being in the way, but I still have easy access to it when I am ready to cook a meal for my family or friends.

What to Consider When Storing a Stand Mixer

Before I can get to storing my mixer, there are a few things to consider first. It is important to keep in mind the size, weight, and shape of the mixer. Nobody really wants to install a special cabinet or drawer, only to find that the stand mixer doesn’t actually fit.

Some mixers, if they are old, cheap, or sensitive, can’t handle temperature well. If I had a mixer such as that, I would want to make sure that I am keeping that mixer in a place where it will not overheat or get too cold. The last thing that I want to keep in mind is how often I plan on using the stand mixer.

Of course, there are some people who might purchase a stand mixer for the occasional family reunion. If I didn’t use my mixer that much, I wouldn’t mind having it stored near the back of a clean cabinet. However, if I plan to use the mixer with just about every meal I prepare, I would want to make sure that the mixer is stored in a place that I can get to quickly, easily, and without much hassle.

I find it important to consider these factors before I invest any time or money into finding the perfect standing mixer storage space. It wouldn’t be a fun discovery to realize that I had spent a fair bit of money on a storage idea that didn’t work out for my mixer. With enough time and patience, a decision will eventually come.

Where Should a Mixer Be Stored?

There are two main places where I would want to keep a stand mixer stored. If I use a mixer often, have ample counter space, and bought the mixer in a color that matches my kitchen, I would certainly want to keep the stand mixer on the counter so that it keeps my kitchen looking good and stylish. When I am thinking about where the best place to store a mixer would be, one of the first things that I consider is simply keeping it on the counter.

On the other hand, I completely understand the desire to keep a stand mixer out of sight and out of the way. Instead of having it on a counter, taking up space, I could instead put the stand mixer in a drawer or cabinet, depending on measurements and sizes. There is also the possibility of keeping the mixer on a shelf, either open or closed. This way, I would have more than enough space on my counter to take care of anything that needs to be taken care of in the kitchen.

Both of these places have their benefits and drawbacks over each other. Storing a stand mixer on my counter will make it very easy to access, which is important if I plan on using the stand mixer regularly. It also means that if I spent a little bit extra on the color of the mixer, I would be able to make sure that it matches the rest of my kitchen décor, keeping my house looking good in the process.

However, if I did want to store the stand mixer on the counter, I would have to sacrifice some counter space to do so. Stand mixers aren’t really all that small. If I had a cat or a child that could reach the cabinet and push things around, this would also become a problem if I kept the stand mixer out in the open.

If I wanted to keep the stand mixer out of the way and out of sight, it would definitely free up a lot of counter space, which is especially important if there is only a limited amount of counter available in the first place. Similarly, if my stand mixer didn’t match the rest of my kitchen, I probably wouldn’t want it out in the open for everyone to see either. The only problems with this are that it will take more effort to get to the mixer, and if I plan on using the mixer daily, that can become annoying.

Also, a kitchen that doesn’t have space, in terms of counter space, probably won’t have much space in cabinets either, which might mean that a large or heavy mixer wouldn’t fit easily into one of these places.

These are all just some things for me to think about when I look further into some stand mixer storage ideas.

Storing a Stand Mixer on the Counter

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution to go for. For instance, I could easily keep my stand mixer just sitting on my countertop. Of course, depending on the layout of the rest of the kitchen, I might choose to tuck it away a little bit, but there’s not much reason why I shouldn’t be keeping the mixer on the counter.

Storing a stand mixer on the counter allows for it to be within easy access at all times, which is important if I plan on making meals with it. If I don’t quite want it in the middle of the counter, I could easily just place the stand mixer near the wall or on the corner of the counter as well. This not only keeps it out in the open for ease of use, but this also ensures that it won’t be in my way if I have to chop some vegetables later on as well.

If I did plan on storing my stand mixer on the counter, I would want to make sure that it matches the rest of my kitchen. Today, stand mixers come in countless different colors. Ranging from bold solid colors to patterns and designs, there are so many ways that I could make sure that my stylish stand mixer matches with the rest of the room.

In fact, I could even choose the color beforehand to make sure that when it gets here, it will match my kitchen perfectly well.

Something to keep in mind is that while storing the stand mixer on the kitchen counter allows for the most ease of use, it also means that it is exposed to danger more and that there is a higher risk of knocking it over. Most stand mixers, especially the good quality ones, can easily cost a few hundred dollars. Even though my stand mixer looks nice with the rest of my kitchen, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in some protection, such as making sure it stays on a non-slip mat so that any animals or children curious enough to be on the counter might not knock it down as easily.

Adding a non-slip mat underneath the mixer actually adds another layer of creativity, as I can make sure that this mat matches the rest of my kitchen.

Storing a Stand Mixer Out of the Way

Not everyone is up for the idea of having a large, sometimes hefty, stand mixer out in the open on a countertop. This would especially be the case if I didn’t have much room on my counter for a sizeable mixer to sit all day, every day. With that in mind, there are several more things that I can do if I want to keep my stand mixer out of the way from everything. Arguably, this provides more creativity than keeping it on the counter would.

Depending on the size of my drawer and the mixer, there’s a chance that I could keep the stand mixer inside a drawer. If this works, it would make it incredibly easy to simply pull out the drawer, pick up the mixer, and set it up when it is needed. However, there are some better, and more versatile, alternatives to keeping a stand mixer in a drawer.

In the same idea as keeping it in a place where I could easily reach, another place I could keep the stand mixer would be in the cabinet. As long as I kept the cabinets clean and pristine, this would keep my stand mixer out of the way while also allowing me to easily get the mixer set up if I needed to make something with it.

If I had some shelves in my kitchen, that would be another place to keep the stand mixer. In fact, if I had purchased the mixer in a color that matched the rest of my kitchen, I could put the stand mixer on some open shelves. This will not only keep it out of the way when I need to make food in the kitchen, but I would also be able to flaunt how good my mixer looked with the rest of the kitchen décor as well.

This is the best alternative to keeping it on the counter, without having to worry about having the mixer in the way of cooking. Similarly, I could also place the mixer in a baking cabinet with the rest of my baking supplies. This works even better if I use the mixer primarily for baking, as it keeps everything organized with the things they are used most with.

If I wanted to invest a little more money in a custom way to keep my mixer out of the way, I could either hire a professional or purchase a pull-out drawer. A pullout drawer provides a small space where I can keep the mixer propped up with any accessories that it has, without having to worry about things becoming cluttered or disorganized in the cabinet. Despite the name, these drawers are almost always installed in cabinets.

Something to keep in mind when investing in this idea is that if I am talking to a cabinetmaker, it would be a good idea to inform that person that I planned on keeping something heavy in the drawer so that he or she can make sure that the drawer supports the weight.

Another idea that I had when thinking about a pull-out drawer is a pull-out shelf. These shelves are usually designed to be lower than the standard cabinet height, and this is for a good reason. More often than not, these shelves are designed for people who need to keep seated while baking or need to stay in a wheelchair. Having such a shelf makes it incredibly easy to access the mixer, while still keeping it out of the way from the main counter space.

Having a Custom Storage Area Built

Sometimes, it is worth investing in the money to have a special storage area built so that I can keep something as important as a high-tech stand mixer as safe as possible, while still being accessible and easy to reach. These options are going to be the most expensive, but they will also allow me to have the most customized storage areas for my mixer, as they will be custom built or designed specifically for my kitchen and my needs.

For instance, I might consider getting a mixer lift installed in a lower cabinet. Mixer lifts are relatively simple, but they are fantastic for any kitchen. As the name suggests, these lifts are designed to be ways that I could bring the mixer up to the height of the cabinet, while still keeping it out of the way inside the cabinet when I don’t plan on using the mixer.

Mixer lifts are also easy to install and they add a subtle flair to any kitchen. I could choose to have the lift materials match the color and material of my counter, or I could choose something efficient and inexpensive. If I wanted something sleek and durable, I could opt to have a metal lift installed so I wouldn’t have to fret about the lift dropping my stand mixer one day.

Unlike some other custom options, I could either choose to invest in a DIY mixer lift, or I could look into getting one professionally built and installed, depending on what my budget is.

An appliance garage is a wonderful place to “park” my appliances when I am not using them. These appliances can range from my stand mixer to larger, heavier appliances such as a microwave. These areas can be thought of as special cabinets that start right from the countertop, and have as many shelves as I need, where I need them.

Depending on how I would want to organize things, I could simply make these a closed-off area where I keep my stand mixer along with other appliances I would use in conjunction with the mixer, or I could do something more. For instance, I could combine the ease of use that a pull-out shelf provides with the extra organization that an appliance garage offers to create the perfect area for my stand mixer to stay.

If I wanted to go for something more, in a larger kitchen, I might want to consider having an appliance garage placed in the corner of my kitchen. This would definitely be the most stylistic option, as it could be thought of as a corner cabinet. Combined with corner doors beneath the appliance garage, I could create the perfect corner to my kitchen for my stand mixer to stay.

This would also be an excellent idea because many houses have power outlets near the corner of a wall, making it one of the best places for me to keep my stand mixer plugged in without needing to move it too far from its storage area.

Even if I decide where I want my appliance garage built in my kitchen, I also have to decide how I would access the appliances in it. Some people are okay with not having any doors on the appliance garage. While I can see how that would make things easy to access when I need them, I would think that being able to add some doors adds both some security to keeping the mixer safe, as well as adding yet another opportunity where I could style my kitchen and mixer storage just a little bit more.

Of course, there are relatively basic doors that open and close exactly as they should. But, at the same time, there are options such as bi-folding doors or even doors that open upward. With as many options for doors to an appliance garage as there are, I would easily be able to find the perfect doors that suit the theme of my kitchen. Once the appliance garage has been built and installed, it will be one of the most accessible, safest, and most stylish places where I could keep my stand mixer.