What is a Grill Microwave?

Everyone knows what a “regular” microwave is an does. A regular microwave, also called a solo microwave, uses a form of ration to heat liquids, defrost frozen food, and cook popcorn. However, there is also a Grill Microwave and a Convection Microwave.

What is a Grill Microwave? A grill microwave oven is like a normal microwave that it can reheat food, drinks, and defrost meat. In addition, grill microwaves have the additional ability to grill meat and vegetables using additional accessories. A grill microwave simulates an outdoor grill by browning the exterior while cooking the inside evenly.  

Now that you know what a grill microwave oven is, continue reading to see cost, features, when and why you should use a grill microwave oven.


The cost of a solo (normal) microwave ranges from around $50 to $400 depending on size, features, wattage, etc. Grill microwaves range from just over $100 to almost $400. Like normal microwaves, the price of a grill microwave depends on oven capacity, oven power (watts), finish, and features. 

Oven capacity

Oven capacity is the cooking space inside of the microwave. Oven capacity is measured in cubic feet. Cubic feet is calculated by multiplying length times width times hight. 

In general, the larger the oven capacity, the more the grill microwave will cost. Of course, other factors like oven power, finish, and additional features have an impact of price, but one of the biggest indicators is oven capacity. 

Oven power

Oven power, measured in watts, is the amount of energy moving in one direction. Click here to read what is considered good wattage for a microwave. The wattage for grill microwaves range from 800 to 1500 watts. 

Oven power is another major factor in the price of the microwave. Also, oven capacity and oven power are closely related. In most cases, the larger the oven capacity, the larger the oven power. In addition, The higher the oven power, the more expensive the microwave. 


In general, grill microwaves are finished with stainless steel, steel, hard plastic or glass. If all other factors are equal, the finish with the stainless steel will be the most expensive, while the plastic finish will be the least expensive. 

Usually, the finish has no impact on cook time or other features, stainless steel is considered the highest quality in the world (planet) of appliances. 


Like solo microwaves, grill microwaves have a number of different features that can have an impact on price. Some of those features include: 

  • Cooking turntable
  • Different power levels
  • pre programmed recipes
  • Grilling racks

And more…

When to use a grill microwave

This comes down to personal preference, but you should sue a grill microwave anytime you want that grill crunch, but don’t have the time or energy to use a physical grill. One example of when to use a microwave instead of an actual grill is during the winter. For me it is common to want a nice grilled hamburger or chicken, but I don’t want to stand outside in the freezing cold. 

The solution: cook that hamburger or chicken breast in your gill microwave and stay out of the cold. 

Why you should use a grill microwave

This comes down to personal preference but the benefit of a grill microwave is that it can do everything that a solo microwave can do, plus it has the ability to provide the grill flavor. 

If all other things are equal, the gill microwave provides a better value over a solo microwave. 

Solo vs Gill microwave

In this section, I will briefly compare a regular (solo) microwave and a grill microwave. 

Solo microwaves are basic microwaves that are great for reheating food, warming up coffee, and cooking minute rice. These microwaves come in all different sizes, with wattages to match. Also, these microwaves come in both residential and commercial grade. Of the three microwave types, solo microwaves will be the least expensive. 

To understand price differences, I like to compare two microwaves on price per watt. To calculate the price per watt, follow this simple formula: price/ number of watts. Below are a few examples of this formaula.

  • Price: 291.00 / watts: 1300 = 0.22 price per watt
  • Price: 269.98 / watts: 900 = 0.30 price per watt 

The closer the price per watt gets to $1.00 the more expensive the microwave is. While this should not be used as the only consideration when evaluating a microwave, this can be helpful to determine the value. 


In this section, I will compare the price per watt of the grill microwave with the price per watt of a solo microwave. For the purposes of this comparison, I will average the cost of five solo and grill microwave of similar wattage.

The average price of 5 1000 watt grill microwaves is $163.12. The price per watt for these microwaves is $0.16.

The average price of 5 1000 watt solo microwaves is $146.97. The price per watt for these microwaves is $.014.

As you can see the average and price per watt of the solo microwave is slightly less expensive than the average price and price per watt of the grill microwave. 


Both solo and grill microwaves have similar features including various power levels, fans, and preset buttons. 


Solo microwaves has a wider oven power range. Solo microwave oven power ranges from 600 to 1500 watts. In addition, the oven capacity ranges from 0.5 cubic feet to 2.5 cubic feet. 

What to cook in your gill microwave

Here is a brief list of foods you could cook in your microwave:

  • Chicken
  • Hamburger
  • Steak
  • vegetables
  • Pineapples
  • Lettuce

Check the recipe for the internal temperatures for cooked meat. 


Do you have a grill microwave oven? What type do you have? In your experience, how is a grill different than a solo microwave? Which type of microwave do you prefer? 

Leave a comment below!

Additional questions

What is the difference between convection and grill microwave oven?

The difference between convection and grill microwaves is the method used to cook food, the types of food that can be cooked, and the end result. Convection ovens use a special fan to create air flow within the microwave. Grill microwaves simulate outdoor drills in that they create a brown exterior with a tender inside.

Grill ovens specialize if cooking for that you would normally grill. For example, hamburgers, chicken kebabs, and possibly steak can be cooked in a microwave grill. Convection grills can be used to grill foods and cook foods that you could place in an oven. For example, you can bake bread, pizza, or even pies in a convection oven. 

What is a solo microwave?

Solo microwaves are standard microwaves that use a form of radiation to cook food. These microwaves are the basic, entry-level microwave that used for basic tasks. You should cook the following foods with a solo microwave: Leftovers, drinks, minute rice/ ramen, and popcorn. 

These microwaves are used in various locations including college dorms, and commercial kitchens. 

What is grill function in microwave?

The grill function is what gives your food the crispy, brown, outdoor grill like exterior without overcooking the food. This function separate than the standard microwave. In addition, you will need special containers, and a grill rack to achieve the just grilled flavor. 

Can you cook pizza in a microwave grill?

Yes, just as you can grill pizza in an outdoor grill, you can grill pizza in a microwave grill. Before eating the pizza, make sure the pizza, and the toppings, meet the recommended internal temperature.